Review – AG3Derm

I’ve come to think of beauty and anti-aging products a lot like over-the-counter medications. Anything you can buy at a reasonable price without going through a doctor isn’t going to work.

Forbes reported that the beauty industry was at $445 billion last year. There’s always something new on the market that promises to ‘improve skin tone’, ‘remove age spots’, or ‘reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles’. For some reason, we keep getting disappointed by unfulfilled promises and we keep on buying the next best product to hit the market.

Why? Because getting older sucks! No one wants to look any older than they have to and plastic surgery isn’t an option for everyone. We believe that the next product will be better than the last one because we want to believe it. If you don’t think that’s true, consider that $445 billion price tag we paid out last year. If the first product worked as well as promised, why would anyone go back to try the next one?

I am including myself in this category and I’ve spent my fair share on products that didn’t do what they were supposed to do. That included the prescription-strength fade cream that I got from the dermatologist.

I’ve always had freckles, but the age spots that I started to get when I got older were not cute little spots that made me look young! They were larger, darker, and in all the wrong places to make it impossible to keep them covered up.

I went online one day and searched for the “best fade cream” expecting to get the same lineup of products that really didn’t work. I did get those, but, along with them, there was a YouTube video that featured something new and different. It showed the gradual reduction of a large age spot on a woman’s face over time when she applied a product called Ag3Derm.

There are numerous types of conditions that cause dark spots, the majority of which can be treated with Ag3Derm including:

Age spots
Brown spots
Sun spots
Liver spots
Solar lentigo
Solar lentigines
Sun damaged skin
Hyper pigmentation
Dark spots
Flat moles
Seborrheic keratosis

The cost of the product is $39.99 plus postage for a total of about $50. That’s a little more than I like to pay for things I don’t think will work. The difference was, this product had a video that showed real results; not just before and after pictures.

Another reason I was swayed was the ingredients. It contains all natural ingredients. Of course, there are many natural ingredients that can interact with other medications, but these weren’t anything that gave me concern. I decided it was worth a try.

When the product arrived, I went to work on the spots on my face first. Rather than try and cover everything at one time, I focused on this area. What happened? Exactly what happened to the woman in the video! There was some minor stinging and tenderness, lingering pinkness for a little while, and then the spots were gone!

Keep in mind that some spots fade faster than others. I’ve placed several orders since I discovered Ag3derm and the company is great to work with, too. One of my bottles leaked out along the way and they sent a replacement immediately, no questions asked.

How Well Does Ag3Derm Work?

So well that I’ve been hesitant to share it with anyone. I’m afraid the rest of the industry will find out about it and get it taken off the market!

This product isn’t something that everyone is going to need. For those who do, it is absolutely the best option I have ever found. Watch the video on the home page and see how it works for yourself!